Industries Using A Lot of PR

It’s no secret that most industries, if not the companies within them, have teams of PR professionals working for them. Some have more need of these professionals than others for a wide range of reasons. So which industries have had to use public relations professionals on a fairly regular basis?Airline IndustryIt’s no secret that the airline industry has been under increasing scrutiny thanks to security issues, crashes, baggage fees, and delayed or canceled flights. The airline industry’s public relations problems are nothing new though, with them having a long history of raising the ire of the public with the costs of traveling, unreliable service, and lost baggage not being new problems.Oil IndustrySure the recent issues in the Gulf Coast area certainly haven’t helped, but the oil industry’s problems with their public image are long standing. The Exxon Valdez spill in 1989 and the oil crisis of 1973 coupled with the spiking of prices for gasoline and disasters of the recent years have kept the industry’s public relations professionals busy for decades attempting to smooth ruffled feathers and make sure Congress doesn’t ask the wrong questions.Catholic ChurchYes the Catholic Church is a religion, but it’s also a global entity with is fair share of public image issues. New accusations against priests seem to crop up on a regular basis and the Church’s handling of the situations hasn’t always engendered them any good will. More recently they seem to have been working with the right PR people to get their message on track and improve their image in the eyes of the public.Financial IndustryBetween protestors, foreclosures, excess fees, golden parachutes, and bail outs, the financial industry as a whole hasn’t been in the public’s good graces for quite some time. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to watch the news without some story about Wall Street and the banking system coming under fire. PR professionals in this industry have spent the better part of the last five years trying to keep them looking good to mixed results.Sports IndustryBetween lockouts, performance enhancing drugs, and off the field incidents, PR professionals for not just the sports but for the teams and the athletes are always busy. Gone are the days of sports stars going out drinking too much and the media laughing about it. These days athletes are millionaires and those that pay them billionaires. Athletes, coaches, and owners are under more scrutiny than ever before thanks to cameras on mobile phones and the 24 hour news cycle thanks to cable and the internet.

How to Find the Best Industrial Design Engineering School

With the increased interest in industrial design nowadays, it becomes imperative for individuals to choose the best school out there to help realize their true creative potential. It is advised to keep a good eye out for the schools that can provide you the right training, tools, and software to help cultivate your interest and ultimately achieve your ambitions of becoming a successful industrial designer.Remember, the first hurdle to become a talented designer is to choose the right school that will mould you and improve your computer, communication, designing, problem-solving, business analysis, collaborating, and visualization skills. But, how can you do so? Well, let’s take a look at a few of these tips to find out:Research – Look at all Possible ChoicesFinding the best industrial design (ID) engineering school requires significant time and effort from your end. This means you need to carry out extensive research and weed out the less possible to the more probable options. You can start by searching the web, as there are plenty of schools out there with info regarding their courses, teachers, and training procedures online.You can even consider asking a few friends who have also recently joined an ID engineering school. Based on their recommendation, you can do your own research by reading more about the school online. Remember, almost all design engineering schools nowadays have their own website, so you can find ample of information about their courses.Accreditation – Choose only the Best!When it comes to finding the best ID engineering school, consider short-listing those that have been accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). Most schools that hold this accreditation often have their programs reviewed to ensure everything meets the compliance and requirements as listed by NASAD.Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you are looking for undergraduate or graduate education, if the school is on the NASAD Accreditation list, it is guaranteed that the school will provide for all your needs and give you better value for your money. In addition to accreditation, make sure the school you choose is credited by other regional higher education commissions.Software Training and Course OfferingsBelieve it or not, once you get a job as an industrial designer, you will be spending a great amount of time sitting in front of the computer. This is mainly because digital graphics and designing is essential for industrial design. In fact, every single project first requires a great amount of digital testing. Therefore, you might benefit by selecting a school that emphasizes the use of CAD software and others programs, like Adobe Creative Suite.Additionally, make sure the industrial design engineering school you choose even offers classes regarding the theory and history of industrial design, human factors and design visualization and materials and processes. This way, you can ensure you do not miss out on any important training aspect of industrial design.Internship Opportunities – Experience CountsBefore you join an industrial design school, take a thorough look at the portfolios of previous graduates to see if the school fits all your needs.Oftentimes, schools post recent graduates’ profiles on their websites, which can prove useful for you. Additionally, since after completing your course, you will be applying for your first job, it is advised to look for a school that offers internship opportunities. This way, you can gain a competitive advantage in the field of industrial design and will be able to score a good job in the future easily.So, now that you are familiar with the tips mentioned above, finding the best industrial design engineering school won’t be a problem.

Stock Investing Tips – Identifying the Best Market Sectors and Industry Groups

Use these stock picking tips to select the best markets, sectors and industry groups while investing in stocks. Stock picking done right is the first step in any winning stock trading system. After that comes the other step. So, you need to take your first step well if you want to do well with the later steps.So what is a sector? A sector is a broad group of industries in an economy. For example, finance is one sector of the economy that might include banks, investment banks, pension funds, mutual funds and so on. Transportation can be another sector of the economy and it can include the airlines, railways, trucking services and so on. Consumer goods and services can be another sector of the economy. What is an industry group? An industry group is a smaller more specific grouping of companies in a sector. A subgroup will be even a more specific subcategory of companies in an industry group. Confused? Let’s make it clear with an example. Viacom is a well known name. Viacom is film, TV and radio company.So the sector of Viacom is Entertainment and Leisure industry. Within that industry the group is Media and within that group, the subgroup is TV/Radio.Majority of the leading stocks are usually in the leading sectors. Research and study over many years has shown that 37% of the stock price movement is tied to the performance of the industry group the stock is in. Another 12% is due to the strength in the overall sector. So, you can see almost half of the stock price movement is tied to the performance of the industry group. Now, we all know specific groups lead in each market cycle, so you can see the importance of considering a stock’s industry before making the purchase.There are something like 200 industry groups in US economy. Stocks in the same sector do not behave in an identical manner. So, if a sector is outperforming the market, there will be groups and subgroups that will be outperforming in that sector while there will be groups and subgroups that might be showing weak performance in the sector. Looking at the S&P 500 index does not give you any clue about the performance of the different sector, industries and sub groups in the market. S&P 500 only shows the combined performance of 500 stocks that are included in it.So if you are finally able to drill down to the best performing industry group and then to the sub-groups in the market, you can now pick those stocks that will show superior results as compared to average results by most of the stocks in the market. These stocks are going to give your portfolio above average performance than the market index. You will need to learn the different industry groups. I give you an example. Let’s take the medical industry in the economy. It is a huge sector of the economy. Now this sector can be further divided into indusry groups. Hospital companies, home nursing, generic drug companies. genetics, dental,HMOs, biotech and so on are some of the groups within the broader medical industry.