Types of Industrial Grinders and Mixers

Almost every industry uses mixers and grinders for most of its production purposes. Today there are different types of grinders and mixers available in many of the online stores. All types of industries such as agriculture, medical, technology and manufacturing industry requires mixers and grinders of different types for various uses.Use of Grinders in IndustriesGrinding machines of different types are used to break down and mix materials such as chemicals, iron-ore and paints. These machines can reshape any type of metals and it is mostly used to grind metals to powder form.The ball mill is one of the most popular grinding machines used in most of the industries today. This machine has a cylindrical design and rotates on an axis which is horizontal in shape. Different materials are grinded in this machine including steel balls, pebbles, ceramic balls and many other materials. These machines are partially filled so that the materials are ground finely. Most of these grinders are run mechanically if it is large in size. However, small sized ball mills are run on belts.Today grinding machines are becoming increasingly popular with a wide number of industries using these machines to manufacture various items. Large industrial grinders consume a lot of electrical energy whereas small grinders such as ball mills work on pulleys and belts. Most of the industries use large grinders to obtain powder form of metals and ceramics.Grinding machines are also used to grind coffee with a unique grinding capacity. There are many machines which can help to grind coffee. These machines have a high grinding capacity and are easy to maintain. Other attractive features of these machines includeSafe operation
Uniform powdering capacity
Long lasting and durable for almost 30 years
Guarantee for spare parts and free servicing
Can grind coffee in different ways including espresso and filter.Different models of grinding machines can be bought easily from online stores at affordable price rates. Various types of grinders for powdering coffee can be found in many of the online trade portals. Most of these grinders are available for specific personal uses and industrial purposes.Various Uses of Industrial MixersApart from grinders, there are various industrial mixers available in the markets today. Some of the most common types of mixers and their uses are mentioned in the following paragraphs.Double-arm mixers: These mixers have two blades which operate simultaneously in different speeds.Dispersion mixers: The dispersion mixers are used to mix chemical powders. These mixers are efficient in reducing the size of the mixing particles.Ribbon mixers: Used mostly in food and pharmaceutical industries, the ribbon mixers are among the most efficient types of mixers used in industries. These mixers are quite efficient in mixing solids and liquids.Nauta mixers: These mixers have inverted-cone shape and are mostly used to mix products gently and slowly.In addition to the above mentioned mixers, there are many other types of mixers such as continuous mixers and twin-cone mixers. The industrial mixers are chosen according to the material and amount to be mixed. However, all these type of mixers can be bought from online stores at reasonable prices.

Online Education Graduate Degree

Statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau reveal that a person who holds a graduate or master’s degree can expect to earn about $55,000 per year. People holding a bachelor’s degree can expect to earn around $46,000 per year. The average benefit for holding a graduate degree can raise a person’s income about $225,000 over a period of 25 years. This rate of return clearly shows that it is a solid investment to pursue a online graduate degree. Online education graduate degrees enable busy adults to attain a higher education while still maintaining employment to earn a living.Requirements to Pursue an Online Education Graduate Degree – To earn a graduate degree online, students need to be well-organized self starters who can manage their time and review course material independently. Online students also need full access to a computer with a 56 kbps modem or better, with Internet service and virus protection. Students attending school online should be able to use email and basic Internet functions to communicate with professors and take online exams. Online education graduate degree programs are delivered in a web-based format that is available 24 hours a day for the convenience of working students seeking success.Validity of Online Education. In the 1994 study of R. Clark, and in the Pew Learning and Technology Study ‘Innovations in Online Learning’ by Carol Twigg in 2001, they concluded that if the online course was designed with the same rigor as one taught in a face-to-face environment, the outcome is likely to be equivalent. Further, the standards for undergraduate education are defined by the Seven Principles developed by Chickering & Gamson (1991). These seven principles were updated to show how to implement these ideals in online education (Chickering & Ehrmann; Graham, et al. 2001). In 2002, the Ohio Learning Task Force issued a report that recommended principles derived from Chickering & Gamson were to be used to design, approve, assess and review all courses, whether in person, or online, or a blend of both. The Seven Principles a) encourage contact between students and faculty; b) encourage active learning; c) encourage cooperation between students; d) give feedback promptly; e) communicates high expectations; f) emphasizes time on task; and g) respects diverse ways of learning and talents. Therefore, online education graduate degrees follow the same criteria as those earned at a physical college campus, so they are equally viable.Cost of Online Education. Getting an online education graduate degree can be more affordable than attending a physical college campus because there are no costs for transportation or housing. In 2004, an online resource site took a sample size of 120 online master’s degree programs and found that the cost for education could range from $2,760 to $110,000 for an accredited degree. However, graduate degree students can explore several options for tuition assistance, including:Tuition Reimbursement. The National Center for Education Statistics found that almost 20 percent of all graduate students receive aid from their employers. Potential online education graduate degree students should consult with the human resources director of their company about tuition reimbursement programs and company scholarships they may qualify for.Labor Unions. Over 60 labor unions, through 38,000 national chapters, offer $4 million dollars in educational financial aid. If a student belongs to a union, the web site at http://www.aflcio.org can offer leads to Union-Sponsored Scholarships and Financial Aid.Financial Aid. There is even state and government financial aid available for certain distance learning programs. The free government aid directory at http://www.ed.gov/programs can help students locate resource centers in their state and offer information about financial assistance to pay for college.Loans. There are government-backed Stafford student loans that typically carry the lowest interest rate. For example, the interest rate for a Stafford education loan in 2003 was only 3.42 percent. Students seeking Stafford loans should consult the free annual publication, the Student Guide to Financial Aid. Private student loans are also offered through finance companies such as KeyBank or Citibank, but they usually charge higher interest rates and require students to pass a credit check.Tax benefits. There are also significant tax benefits available to online education graduate degree program students. Interest on student loans may be tax deductible during the first 60 months of the period to pay them back. Eligibility for this tax benefit can be determined by checking the IRS Publication 970: Tax Credits for Higher Education. Further, under the Lifetime Learning Credit, students may be eligible to deduct up to 20 percent of the first $10,000 of graduate tuition from federal taxes. Also, some or all tuition expenses may be deducted if an employer requires additional education to maintain the student’s current professional status. Students can review IRS Publication 970 for guidelines, or consult with an accountant to see what portion of tuition for college can be deducted from their taxes.When a potential student considers the ease of earning an online education graduate degree, along with the improved financial status as a result of attaining this degree, it is clearly a wise decision to pursue virtual learning.

Flash Game Development – 7 Ways to Make Money From Flash Games

In the past few years online gaming has really taken off. Flash games are more popular with gamers than ever before, and there is an ever increasing demand for talented and innovative game developers. If you’re a Flash developer, there are many ways to generate an income from creating flash games.1. Developing games for clientsThis has been my primary income for the past 7 years. You’ll need to have a proven track record, which means building up a portfolio of games, but once you start building a reputation you can earn a good income by designing and developing games for clients. In recent years I’ve created games for such diverse clients as gaming portals, cell phone brands, charities, television companies and even a major league baseball team!2. SponsorshipA sponsorship deal usually involves putting a companies logo and branding into your game, and giving them the rights to use the game exclusively (though sometimes non-exclusively) on their website. The amount you’ll earn from such a deal can vary dramatically depending on the game, and the sponsor, and it usually involves one of the big gaming portals.3. In game advertisingThere are several companies which offer in game advertising but the biggest player in the market is Mochimedia with their Mochiads system. Not only do you get a commission for adverts displayed in your games, but you also get access to their network of publishers giving your game more exposure. This can be one of the best ways for new developers to get their work seen.4. Banner ads or AdSenseFlash games are a huge draw for traffic online, which is why they are in such demand. You can leverage that traffic by hosting games on your own site, and displaying banner adverts or AdSense and earning a commission from the clicks.5. Game design contestsA number of big gaming portals run regular game design competitions, some with cash prizes. This can be quite hit or miss, but if your game is good you can earn money this way, and again it’s a great way to get exposure.6. In game currency (micropayments)Micropayments are now available from several companies, and allow you to accept real money for in-game purchases such as upgrades, new levels, or items. This is a relatively new way to monetise Flash games but already solutions from Mochimedia and HeyZap are becoming popular with developers.7. Commercial releaseFinally we come to what is probably the oldest way of making money from video games – selling them to gamers! If your game is good enough, and popular enough you can release and sell a commercial version. Depending on the type of game this could be a downloadable version to play on PC, or perhaps an iPhone version to be sold through the Apple app-store. Whatever format you use the idea is the same, to use the Flash version as a marketing tool to sell the commercial release.As you can see there are a number of ways to make money from developing Flash games. Some can be used for very simple games, while others will only work with more in depth games, so if you’re just learning Flash game development you can start with some of these techniques, and build up your experience and portfolio.